Warehouse Conversion Structures

 We Convert Existing Warehouse Buildings into Self Storage Facilities.

We gather all the information about your building and then design, engineer, supply and install a self storage facility inside your warehouse,  complete with permits.

What Makes Our Structure Better?

  • Higher revenue per square foot of the building
  • 50% more revenue over a two level self-storage system
  • Modular components clip together easily
  • Faster to install and requires less labor
  • Earn revenue from rentable space quicker
  • Patent-pending structure is stronger than typical red iron and tek screws
  • Structurally designed by a Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Structures meet all building codes, including high seismic areas
  • Utilizes heavy duty Resindek flooring, the same as commercial & industrial applications
  • Meets all fire codes for 3 level structures
  • Can be built in phases, saving valuable cash flow

Tri-R Advantages -vs- Conventional Concrete Mezzanine

  • No large footplates or footings required
  • Our Structure only requires a 6″ slab
  • Faster to install – no concrete to pour, no curing time
  • Substantially lighter flooring compared to concrete, yet just as durable
  • Easy to disassemble, move and reinstall (no jackhammer required)
  • Buildable in phases as needed, keeping cash flow available
  • Significant Tax Advantages – Accelerated Depreciation
  • Designed to work in High Seismic Areas

Tri-R Three-Level Self Storage Facilities

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