Tri-R Conversion Structure | Stairs & Lifts


  • Stairways are fabricated to be rugged and long lasting.
  • Treads are furnished in 3/16” black diamond plate up to 36″ wide, and 1/4″ diamond plate up to 44″ wide.
  • Handrails welded to a one-piece  channel stringer
  • Inner handrail made from 1-1/4” pipe that is easily installed once stairway is completely assembled.
  • Stairways are shipped unassembled for freight savings and easily installed with no field welding required.
  • Stairs can be provided to meet IBC, BOCA and OSHA as well as any specific municipal code you may have.
  • Brackets for base and landing mountings, and all hardware are supplied standard.
  • Handrail and stringers are OSHA yellow, with other standard colors available.
  • Stairways are strategically placed for efficient movement within the facility and to provide egress to exits per the fire code.

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRCs)

Freight lifts provide many benefits and savings over elevators. For one, freight lifts can be purchased and installed at a fraction of the cost of a traditional passenger elevator.

  • VRCs have small footprints
  • Safe and cost-effective way to lift your parts
  • The ArmorCar lift package is easy to install and is an efficient means of moving heavy, cumbersome, and awkward items to the next level.

ArmorCar™ Carriage

  • Load capacity: Up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Standard Carriage Platform: 72”W x 96”L x 84”H
  • Fully enclosed carriage with galvanized steel diamond plate floor and walls
  • Roof: Standard flattened expanded steel mesh
  • Recessed light fixture
  • Roll-up door