Tri-R Conversion Structure | Posts & Beams

Advantages of Tri-R Structures versus Typical Mezzanine Construction

  • Cost Less for Materials – No concrete to pour and we less steel in our structure.
  • Faster Installation – 1/3 of the time to install compared to a conventional mezzanine style installation.
  • Cost Less to Install  – Less parts, less screws and hardware. The clip-together column and beam design gets your building up faster and saves installation labor costs.
  • Modular Components – Simple to install. A three level system utilizes 28’ tall upright columns and clip-in beams.
  • Ability to Disassemble and Move –This can’t be done with a concrete mezzanine.
  • Patent Pending – Design utilizes clip together components instead of red-iron construction with tek screws.
  • Designed by Structural Engineers – Our structure meets the highest seismic requirements and wind loads requirements.

Tri-R Steel Structure Components

Upright Posts

  • Manufactured for the full height of the system (typically 28’ tall for a three level systems)
  • 12ga – 14ga
  • Frames are made from two posts with pre-punched holes for clipping beams in place.
  • Pre-welded bracing between the posts give high structural capacity ratings.  Walls are easily attached to the upright frames.

Horizontal Beams

  • Made in various heights and load capacities.
  • 14ga – 16ga
  • The beams enhance the structural rigidity of the system while supporting the floor and mesh ceilings.